PODA team met Mukhtaran Mai in Women Peace Mela in Muzaffargarh


February 8, 2013:Ms. Lubna Ashraf and Ms. SumairaIshfaq(PODA Muzaffar Garh Team Members) attended Women Peace Mela in District Muzaffar Garh. PODA

Muzaffar Garh Team members also set a  stall in the mela and exhibited PODA Advocacy material on the stall. The focus of the mela was the role of the women for peace process at district level. Round 100 women and men attended the mela. This mela is organized by Ms. HumaNawab with the help of  SPO and AWAZ District Forum Muzaffar Garh. During the mela, Ms. SumairaIshfaq talked about the Role of Women in Peace process. According to her, it is very important to include the women in all the peace making processes at all the level like from Union Council to District and from District to Provincial and from Provincial to National level. Here she also highlighted the activities of Women International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF-Pakistan Chapter)’s activities. Ms. SumairaIshfaq also highlighted the project activities of PODA Muzaffar Garh City and Field office. She said that PODA Muzaffar Garh field office is running a project with the title “Empowering Rural Women through Agricultural Innovation and Farm Management Skills” with help of SGAFP-USAID.

PODA Muzaffar Garh Team members also met with the chief guest of mela Ms. Mukhtar Mai. Ms. Sumaira Ishfaq gave a detailed introduction of PODA to her. Ms. Lubna Ashraf presented PODA Publication material to her. In the discussion, Ms. Mukhtara Mai appreciated PODA Muzaffar Garh office work and she also invited PODA team to Jatoi for work. She ensured her full cooperation to PODA in Muzaffar Garh.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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